From, "You are the World," Jiddu Krishnamurti

So when one observes oneself, one sees that one is constantly building images in relationship and therefore creating division. Hence there is actually no relationship at all. Although one may say one loves the family or the wife, it is the image, and therefore there is no actual relationship. Relationship means not only physical contact but also a state in which there is no division psychologically. Now when one understands that- not verbally but actually – the what is the relationship between the observer who says, ‘I’m afraid,’ and the thing called fear itself? Are they two different things? This brings us to the question as to whether fear can be wiped away through analysis. Does this all interest you?”

I read this on the train yesterday. A few nights ago while I was trying to sleep, something like that hit me right before dreaming. I just started “looking” at the way I was building images about everything, and everyone, including myself. Just looking at them. Not trying to change them or adjust them. It seems very interesting now, but when I was experiencing it there was a “light-hearted” nature to the moment. I felt less tense, more flowing. This has occurred more frequently lately. At any rate, I just found it sorta interesting that I opened up this book to something similar. Krishnamurti continues on the next page,

“Because in analysis there is always the observer and the thing observed; that is, the analyzer and the thing analyzed. And the analyzer must be extraordinarily awake, unconditioned, without bias or distortion in order to analyze; if he is at all twisted in any way, then whatever he analyzes will also be biased, twisted. So that is one problem in analysis. The other is that it will take a great deal of time, gradually and slowly, bit by bit, to remove all the causes of fear – by then one will be dead (laughter)… And, even after you have discovered the cause (or causes) of fear, will it have any value? Can fear disappear when I know what I am afraid of? Is the intellectual search for the cause able to dissipate fear? All these problems are involved in analysis because, as we admit, there is this division between the analyzer and the thing analyzed.

Therefore analysis is not the way – obviously not – because one has no time… Psychologically speaking there is no tomorrow: We have invented it. And so, when you see the falseness of analysis, when you see the truth that the observer is actually the observed, then analysis comes to an end.

You are faced with the fact that you are fear – not an observer who is afraid of fear. You are the observer and the observed; the analyzer and the thing analyzed.”

Krishnamurti definitely has a way with his words. There is an authority in it, yes, but at the same time there is a clarity about it. Sometimes he can really lay down the wisdom in coherent, flowing words. Reading, I feel, can be just as effective as meditating. It’s a form of meditation. Your mind links up with the words, the ideas, the “pointing out” nature of language and lets your ego unfurl its boundaries naturally, exposing your spirit to the naked kosmos. Because of this, I often find myself reading things like this than meditating. It’s very natural for me. At any rate, I hope you readers enjoyed this excerpt. More to come.

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2 thoughts on “From, "You are the World," Jiddu Krishnamurti

  1. Yes indeed! It seems for me also there is a natural flow state when reading K’s books and such. It is a quieting of the mind; and if you let it….a flowwring of the heart centre. I appreciate quality blogs such as this; thanks!

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