Digging Into Paradox

I’d just like to share one thought about the traditional evolutionist/creationist debate. Are not both ends of the spectrum merely trying to create a narrative? A story for us? They are trying to write our past, as accurately as possible (For their own viewpoint, of course). Yet, is this digging into the past really going to help us solve the debate? Perhaps we should spend more time in the present moment, as it will reveal more to us than digging up bones ever could. Presence, patience, awareness, reflection on the now. Imagine what scientists would discover already dynamic and whole, in this moment? Perhaps that is for future-scientists to tango with. My point is, it’s always, already now.

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3 thoughts on “Digging Into Paradox

  1. What’s important is what you do with all the information you’ve obtained. Most of us are doing what comes natural, and that is seeking. It is innate in each and everyone of us to need confirmation for the thoughts and dreams and experiences that we have. It does become overwhelming as we turn each stone. Don’t betray yourself and DO NOTHING. Maybe you are Neo. I don’t mean to be facetious, it was Neo in the movie, but what might it be in reality? Don’t let the five percent who fuel the storms of confusion on a daily basis all over the world, cause you to falter in your understanding just because its all seems so incredulous.

  2. truthlady, good point. hmm, maybe it is better for us to yearn naturally and when the time comes, compliment that path we are on with silence.

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