Recently I’ve been playfully and painfully exploring our sense of self, what it is (or is not), and how it is reinventing itself, day to day, hour to hour, and even moment to moment. These investigations have led to compelling discoveries about our own nature, our sense of self, and directly impacting our societies past and present. These characteristics influence everything: from science to culture, to religion.

What is it? Our continual reinforcement of a self as an independent center, the daily constraint and overall control of ourselves and our environment, because we have been taught to be ashamed of our nakedness, our transparency that we are born with and die with. Science, religion, patriotism, ideals, all of these things are attempts to escape our own fear of this unknownable consistency which we are made to vanish in. The nameless and the wordless terrify us, yet deep down we are indeed boundless to ideas, thoughts and time. It is this we try to escape, but the escape is a facade. It is as futile as Alan Watts describes as a, “Snake biting its own tail.”

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