Redefining Dualism

In eastern philosophy, there is no A vs B. That is the appearance or illusion. Nothing exists without being in relation with something else (no thing in itself).

In a duel, the warrior is expected to, or encouraged to discover this. The enemy is meant to be seen as a part of the warrior. To master the opponent, or in any sense defeat him, he must first see he and the opponent as one movement.

Entering into what is called “Mushin” or mind-no-mind, he overcomes his “individualism” and sees it in a broader scope. Or, in other words, he gets over his ego, and realizes his unity with the opponent. So, in dueling, or dualism, is it the act of A vs. B or the mastery of A/B?

Are you to simply bludgeon your opponent or conquer him by mastering his movements with yours?

Perhaps the antagonism of dualities and dichotomies for that matter, is only an illusion, an appearance behind which mastery lies in seeing them as one movement.

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4 thoughts on “Redefining Dualism

  1. Good points, but frustrating.

    I’ve often wondered by delusion and illusion seem to be default. Or why they arise at all? Why do you think common sense and “normal perception” contradict these supposed truths?

  2. hey hey wAppY— I’ve wondered this too. why aren’t things clearer? i think that maybe they would be if certain cultural factors were in place. the only explanation i can think of, when facing this question is: maybe we are meant to grow into the understanding, just as a child is meant to grow into new forms of learning and knowing. almost like a cat that sees a leaf blowing and is enchanted by it, but has yet to gain a perspective of the whole tree.

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