“…but also those possibilities,”

You should not think that the way insentient beings expound Dharma is necessarily like the way sentient beings expound Dharma. If you assume that [insentient beings] should be like sentient beings in their voices and the way they expound Dharma, and thereby, conjecture the voices of insentient beings in terms of those sentient beings, that is contrary to the Buddha-way… Even though humans construe what they now consider to be grasses and plants as the insentient, those grasses and plants, too, cannot be fully fathomed by the ordinary mind. -Dogen

The trees, rocks and plants, the forests, ancients and young – do they express wisdom, or Dharma, too? Dogen’s writing on this, to me at least, is profoundly intuitive. There is something about “non-sentient” beings, even rocks and stones, that truly express something difficult to be understood by “the ordinary mind.”

I’ve had some interesting experiences where this seemed to be the case. How about you?

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One thought on ““…but also those possibilities,”

  1. I like the idea that evolution is teleological. “The goal for the evolution of the atom is self-consciousness as exemplified in the human kingdom” “The goal for the evolution of man is group consciousness”

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