Ways of perceiving. Existence and our senses.

[This is taken straight out of my notes... ! So the style might be a bit choppy/stream of consciousness]

I’ve learned so far is that there are some assumptions and ways of thinking, that are related to our ways of perceiving the world, which has everything to do with consciousness.

And those ways of perception, of sensing the world, influence the whole of our thinking.

Scientific thinking, for instance, is very much related to “sight,” or… “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

But sight, if anything, is the revelation of surfaces, and as such the scientist is an observer of behavior, actions, exteriors.

Hearing, on the other hand, is very different. That is, there is a world of words, in meaning and interior design which extends far beyond surfaces. If hearing were anything like seeing, we would merely hear “noises,” and meaningless vibrations. Instead, we recognize interior space, meaning, interpretation, and that internal world of meaning is something that you and I can share.

This goes into the study, or phenomenology of language. After all, language enables us to deepen our interior perspective, to teach, to learn and share a collective world space, or “life world” as Habermas might put it.

On the same token, language can both deepen and enrich our understanding of ourselves, our potential for reflection. We can, in other words, have greater and lesser degrees of sensitivity to the world of meaning and relation.

Particularly, what is the meaning in a world of interiors and exteriors, both vibrantly and complexly united in an organism we call self? Particularly, my consciousness, or your consciousness, seems to be the thing sensing, experiencing, seeing, hearing, being.

But everything we might call a part of ourselves is only defined in relation to the world. It would seem our sensitivity to the world, therefore, helps mold, shape and grow “I-ness.” It might be appropriate for us to describe this whole process in the following way:

We don’t pop out of the world.

We grow out from the world, not plop into it.

And in the same way, we are a “whole” that is dynamically rooted and connected to everything that helped form our selves. Being such, we can consciously acknowledge this, participate in exploring, living, acting. We can also turn this sensitivity we have cultivated into sensing ourselves. This, of course, can only be done in the mirror of relationship, and introspection. Things get interesting from here. These deeper realms of “interior” space, or consciousness, reveal hidden dimensions. The depths of the soul and the unity of all things are no longer abstract symbols and images floating in our head, but living realities.

Source of inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ms9-MWQb8s

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