80 Questions, a Spiritual Survey.

If you follow SEM on twitter or youtube, you’ll notice that we’ve launched a new collaborative project! Single Eye Movement is working with Sophia Perennis publishing.

We have 80 questions that were composed by Marty Glass and Charles Upton. They’re all over the spectrum of spirituality, and you can answer as many as you like, at whatever length (or brevity) you’d prefer.

Our plan is to gather Wisdom from any and every source, in line with the realization that spiritual “authorities” are not always what they seem nowadays, and that spiritual knowledge and vision is now widely diffused (though still not terribly thick on the ground for all that) among people who may or may not have reliable ways of relating to each other, or even anybody to talk to about their insights; like it says in Numbers 11:29, “would that all the lord’s people were prophets”.

Some answers will be posted on SEM’s website, and others will be featured in a possible book publication. You can send your insight and reflection to SEMsurveyproject@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from my blog readers!

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2 thoughts on “80 Questions, a Spiritual Survey.

  1. You have been prolific lately with wisdom and knowledge.
    I am grateful for this, although in the midst of very busy times at the moment in my life,
    I am enjoying your prolificness,
    and the paths it leads me to explore.
    I look forward to exploring them on a deeper level ,
    in the quiet times when I am deep and absorbent….
    while few at the moment ,they are worthy and compounded.

  2. Niav!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m grateful this blog has been enjoyable. May the paths you explore bring you love!


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