Cosmic Waters

Went to Coney Island Aquarium today. Does a jellyfish have a mind of sorts? An array of nerves and cells that move in such dazzling harmony without a brain as we imagine, but it’s world is full of life, dynamics and response. Thought I’d share this picture. It’s sort of Zen!

The sea is our place of birth, both personal and biological. It is also interesting sea is related to the unknown, and womb. It represents not only our physical but spiritual origins. I wonder if the “sea” between our world and the Source had some part to play in early life. The sheer variety of life forms that exploded in the Cambrian sea could mirror the infinite and shimmering spiritual realms, bursting forth with participation and creation of our world. Our mythopoeic origins refer not to our literal, physical evolution but our history outside time, the tale of humanity’s fall into the world of material form. Though older cultures who developed mystical paths sometimes considered this world so pale in comparison with these higher dimensions that they advised others to transcend it altogether, we can look at the whole story of the Earth as one process and translate the Fall into the Dreaming. It isn’t just the human soul but the Godhead itself that has incarnated–and the story of life is not separate from the awakening of human consciousness to it’s divine origin. From our planetary perspective, the world is recognized as the divine-in-time. Being playing as becoming. Infinity written out long hand with the pen of finite materials masking their own light. The world is an utterance of the divine, and so we can learn wisdom by it’s movement and song. In this way the material and the immaterial are redeemed, as dreamer and dream, limited and limitless. Our Earth is infinity told as process. The whole cosmos!

Maybe this perspective might gain further appreciation when we move beyond the whole science vs. spirituality debate and remember where the world’s wisdom traditions are in agreement. A wisdom and cosmic mysticism might renew our cynical hearts and help redeem, and reveal the divine nature of the material world itself.

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2 thoughts on “Cosmic Waters

  1. the coney island aquarium…i live in manhattan and have for most of my life… you write beautifully about wonderful things … and we have a dear friend in common…i would like very much to meet and talk with you…if that is possible.

  2. Awesome! That would be fun. I’m going away soon and probably won’t be going to the city til after Christmas (going away in December). Maybe when I get back? Let’s keep in touch.

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