What’s in a "School?"

University.Look at the name. It means universal! So, what should a place like that be all about? Ask yourself this: Is your school a university?

universe ~ cosmos ~ kosmos

connection maybe?

“universitas magistrorum et scholarium” – in the academic definition. a “community of masters and scholars.” now, the word master in this context is one who is highly proficient and skilled with scholarly work. and, what does scholar mean? “Of a school.” So we have a general definition that we basically already understand.

A place where individuals learn to be masters of the intellect. Where our minds are taught to be highly proficient. Ask yourself this: Does a “university” assist in teaching us how to cultivate self-reliance, autonomy, not only good reason but an overall dynamic and intelligent mind? Intelligence has various definitions, lines and stages. A good school then, would attempt to cultivate multiple forms of intelligence. To develop scholars, masters across many different kinds – all kinds of intelligence. Universal intelligence. Hence, a university.

Now, ask yourself this one more time: Is your school a university?


2 thoughts on “What’s in a "School?"

  1. Hello,

    Great blog, and well done on getting the school to come around. I look forward to reading KOSMOS.

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    If Wilber created the Integral Operating System (IOS), we hope to co-create an “open source” version – OSI.

    Please consider signing up for the Open Source Integral network/forums and help us create the next wave of integral discourse…

    ALSO: check out Integral Praxis – a hub for ‘integral’ resources @ http://integralpraxis.blogspot.com

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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