Posted in December 2007

Forest Spirits

A bit of fiction that I have attempted to write. It’s a little rusty. I haven’t written fiction in ages, but I hope to get back into it. Here’s to tales around the shaman’s camp fire . . . To the smoke in which the spirit is woven, In the quiet of the night, a … Continue reading

Huckabee, Is it all about honor?

I’ve been watching the presidential debates, and I’ve got to ask – why is Huckabee up in the polls on CNN? Not to mention, in the following video, Huckabee practically makes a fool of himself, inciting the crowd’s nationalism instead of their common sense. On the issue of the Iraq war, he makes it clear … Continue reading

Foucault’s Revenge?

When undergoing the process of education, we are often confronted with new concepts that undermine our creativity. Instead of being asked, at this point, what direction we wish to go, we are again guided by the fatherly hand of the educational system. While there is nothing inherently wrong with assistance – one would imagine as … Continue reading

Indigo Evolution?

I recently saw the film “Indigo Evolution,” and I must say I felt very compelled to express my reflections on this. The film set me off, and not in an positively inspired way. If indigos are meant to be “system busters,” then I’m going to have to bust this one. Please bear with me. I … Continue reading

"The Integral Movement,"

Writing a paper about modern movements for my sociology class, and in my research I stumbled upon a wonderful quote by Alan Watts. He describes, perhaps inadvertently the nature of what it means to be integral: “I have been realizing more and more that partisans to opposed philosophies share the same premises, which are usually … Continue reading

Indigo Children!

So, let’s take a ride in the New Age section – This way please! Step here, if you will. Strap in and get ready. We’re going to tour the Indigo Section – full of psychics, transformations and new “age” consciousness. We’re also going to describe what the greatest flaws, not of the children, but of … Continue reading

Bruce Lee; Integral Artist

Dropping the name “integral” on anyone doesn’t quite fly. It implies the ability to witness the “bigger picture” of things without needing to stuff everything into one expression. “Integral” implies a creation from a holistic and inclusive perspective. Art and writing, science and music expressed through deeper levels of understanding; this is integral. It can … Continue reading

Spirit Dance

I wrote this during english class in senior year of high school. Our teacher gave us a simple worksheet with a number of creative writing topics. I chose, “The birth of the sun.” Not sure why or how, but this is what stream-of-consciousness poured through. Now that I’m older and probably not wiser, it makes … Continue reading

Integral Life Practice

Breathing in, breathing out. The steady pace, the silence between burning muscle and sweat; this is what I pause for. The expanding of the mind, the dissolving of the self- a little fortress washed away by an ocean I cannot see. Mind expanding, knowledge growing, thriving, articulating like a pine forest that just shot up … Continue reading