Dennis Kucinich Speaks at Cosm

Dennis Kucinich recently spoke for Alex Grey’s birthday at Cosm. For those of who have not heard of Cosm,
It’s a neat place localed in NYC, right by Penn Station. What is it, you ask? One of the most innovative and transformative places you’ll find in the city. Alex Grey is a world famous artist, producing inspirational and original forms of art that depict both man and spirit, organic and divine nature as one. He has done album artwork for bands such as Nirvana and Tool.

That being said, it’s remarkable that a presidential candidate not only acknowledges him, but is also friendly enough to speak on his behalf at Cosm. Kucinich is often the odd one out in the democratic candidates. You may recognize him due to the “controversy,” risen out of him confirming to have seen a UFO. He joked about this during his speech, saying something like,

You know, he could have asked me anything else. Any important issue. Global warming? Terrorism? The crumbling US economy? The threat of our constitution being destroyed – but no. What did he ask? ‘DID YOU SEE A UFO?’

The audience broke out in laughter. Indeed, what’s more bizarre? The one who directs the questions, or the one who answers them? He answered yes, and you can see it here:

At any rate. As unimportant a question it was, it just goes to show the immature mentality of the media, quietly and subtly pushing out all that is questionable, alternative and thought provoking. Dennis continued by saying, “I question intelligent life in the White House.”

Alex Grey sat quietly and modestly to the side, listening in attentively for the speech. His artwork was set up all around, making the room resonate with a vibrant energy, hopefully elevating and inspiring everyone there to listen and connect.

Kucinich is one of the few folks who are not afraid to be different, not afraid to have their own path, and are quite open, willing and able to communicate with others authentically. Check out his site.

He’s a vegan. He’s seen a UFO. He has a plan for universal health care. The list goes on, and I encourage anybody interested to inform themselves. Especially for a candidate who barely gets the limelight, as it is blatantly wasted on celebrity candidates (Clinton and Obama) mudslinging each other into the primaries.

What are we looking for in a president? As a leader of a nation? Integrally speaking, don’t we seek an individual who can talk to the varying levels and lines, states and traits that make up a nation? A president who is at least thinking at a worldcentric level. Someone who will not shine for himself in the spotlight, but serve as a beacon for transforming consciousness. During the speech, Kucinich often spoke of unity – not just theoretically, but literally – that we are all one. Art, he believed, was one medium to express this truth, and nations could not be transformed through war and fear, but communication and peace. Indeed, his campaign slogan is, “Strength through Peace.”

I’ll end with a little video on Alex Grey’s art:


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