Huckabee, Is it all about honor?

I’ve been watching the presidential debates, and I’ve got to ask – why is Huckabee up in the polls on CNN? Not to mention, in the following video, Huckabee practically makes a fool of himself, inciting the crowd’s nationalism instead of their common sense. On the issue of the Iraq war, he makes it clear that if, “You break it, you buy it.” But how does this make sense in a losing battle? We aren’t in a retail store, we’re in a country divided by sect, religion and ethnocentric backgrounds. Isn’t it stubborn to think that we can just plow through til victory? In fact, it’s downright nonsensical. It seems that Huckabee is gaining some popularity as a result of his charisma, and I do admit he has quite alot of that. Also, the meaning behind his speeches invoke a traditional pride or nationalism you would see in the United States during the Cold War or World War II. Pride, values, unity of one nation fighting to win, etc. For better or worse, we no longer live in a world where we are permitted to think in such simplistic terms without consequences. I believe Ron Paul said it best at the end of this video, when he points out,

“We have lost over 5000 americans over there… How many more do you want to lose? … What do we have to do to save face? All we’re doing is saving face. It’s time we came home.”

So here it is,

Huckabee, perhaps understandably, divides the US into black and white. The athiests and secularists vs. the Christians. Buddhists? Agnostics? Hindus? Wiccans? Non-religious affiliations and countless other religions? Left out. He is promoting, once again, the traditional values and views of American culture. I don’t believe he would be a good president, considering that he is not looking forward, but only backward into a world that collapsed horribly from their own simplicity. With science, civil rights, the United Nations and even the notion of an integral consciousness, the world is becoming too small and far too diverse to divide everything into left and right anymore. Any candidate who wishes to revert us back to the old days is only setting us up for more trouble. Especially in a time period where the next president will be crucial for the survival and well being of not only the U.S., but the rest of the world . . .


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