Posted in January 2008

Stream of Consciousness…

Nested here,On my pirch in the city,I watch the world spin around.Rested here,On my city step,I listen to the sound of Heaven and Hell,And all that is forgotten,In Between. The school life is like a daze, where you can lose yourself in books and social activities. A few steps out the door and the world … Continue reading

Of Monkeys and Typewriters

I was just reading Alan Watts on the train today with my girlfriend, who we will call Siamese Dream. We were talking about how, no matter who you are reading, it seems that many of these teachers resonate with the same meaning, from Wilber, to Krishnamurti, to U.G. Krishnamurti, to Thich Nhat Hanh, to even … Continue reading

Paranormal Journal, Part 2

The first blog entry here, not so long ago (last fall) talked about the possibilities of the paranormal. I guess this is just a continuation. UFO’s, crop circles, alien¬†abduction, exorcisms; all of these things used to tickle my imagination. Don’t get me wrong! They still do. It’s just that they no longer captivate me for … Continue reading

It’s Official!

This is it folks! Fordham University has officially accepted KOSMOS as a club! We are now funded by the school to pay for our publishing. Awesome! Now calls for the heavy task of advertising. Fliers, fliers fliers, I say. We already have a few up in the main building. More to come. Any ideas for … Continue reading

East Meets West; Psychology for A New Paradigm

The labeling power of psychology can be mishandled, not only by intention, but by the very nature of labels, diagnosis and categories themselves. On the other hand, the positive aspects of knowledge enable the “knower” to see into things that may have before been mystified. For instance, knowing the terminology of an organ and the … Continue reading

Along the old Temple Path

I was reading an interesting website, Michael Teachings. It is generally considered a new-age revelation, where a being from a higher spiritual plain has ‘channeled’ its wisdom to us folks in the jungle. I know there is alot of criticism with New Age teachings, and I’m not sure if channeling is what they often describe … Continue reading

"This Is It," Alan Watts on Integral

“Psychologists with a slant to materialism therefore argue that mysticism is nothing more but sublimate sexuality and frustrated fleshliness, whereas the spiritists maintain that the love-imagery is nothing but allegory and symbolism never to be taken in its gross and animal sense. But is it not possible that both parties are right and wrong, and … Continue reading

Th-eism, Ath-eism, Trans-eism

¬†I guess you could call it a rant of sorts. Definitely fits that description. It’s also my intake on the atheism/theism debate that’s going on in our culture right now, and a heartfelt attempt to dig little integral bits from the ideological wreckage that’s going on between both sides. I wrote this after watching a … Continue reading

Manipulation of Media

I was browsing a few days ago, and I came across a video from a Fox News Republican Debate. There was a certain piece of the debate that was actually cut out from the re-broadcast. This piece features an aggressive question against Ron Paul: Are you electable? Shortly after the youtube video began to … Continue reading