On the State of Awareness

It is perhaps at first very arrogant to assume that there is a “state” in which one has primordial awareness. This may be so. Just as likely, however, is to assume that there isn’t – and so we are faced with a false dilemna. To believe? To not to believe? What would happen if someone approached you, or even me – and stated that there was no believing or unbelieving. There simply “is.” All at once, we may find ourselves questioning rational thought. Not to believe or unbelieve – then is it simply apathy? To this, the imposter would simply reply, “No, that is itself another term and condition of reality – I offer you none but reality itself.”

Logic has constructed for us a rather perfect world of order. Where there is disorder? A sufficient understanding simply hasn’t been discovered yet. Yet, the strange questionaire might ask us this: What happens when the mind is silent? There is no room for logic then. What is there when silence pervades? And perhaps, as a means to deepen our understanding of what it means to be quiet, we should attempt this. What is it to be utterly and profoundly quiet, as deeply so as the silence after the first snow of winter, of the ice cold plains of the arctic, or the deep quiet of a forest untouched by humanity except by your own breath?

Indeed, what good would such a quiet mind do?

Unfortunately, I must end this masquerade and reveal myself as the madman, the imposter. What this book will attempt to do, and hopefully is doing as you read these pages, is to openly play with your own concepts of reality. To lightly push and pull, untie the knots of preconceived notion so that you may also explore what it is to be human, what is to be without labels and conditions – what it is to roam freely in a land where the only fences are the ones we have built nail by driven nail. I invite you to explore further, with me, with all other readers who are intrigued by this notion. We are all too often caught in the humdrum of everyday life, of distractions, interests, falling in and out of our own awareness. What I propose with this book is absolutely nothing special, elitist, arrogant or idealistic in any way. I simply ask the reader to join me in self-awareness – to attempt to “just be,” and see what may or may not come out of it. I write with this in mind, and this only. That being said, let us begin.


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