Posted in February 2008

Relative Pitfalls

There was an awesome presentation today in sociology, where a student had to describe the development of societies. She presented it as an introduction in a basic linear chart: Hunter-gatherer, Pastoral, Agrarian, Industrial, Post Industrial. Afterwards, my professor raised the good point: Try to see the different societies as co-existing. They are not necessarily linear. … Continue reading

Nirvana Body

So what happens when it all finally clicks? When the ego collapses utterly into the divine, when the self discoveries the infinity of love abounding? Is it different for me than it would be for you? We’re all unique, for sure. But there seems to be a handful of characteristics, if you will, “before” and … Continue reading

From, "You are the World," Jiddu Krishnamurti

So when one observes oneself, one sees that one is constantly building images in relationship and therefore creating division. Hence there is actually no relationship at all. Although one may say one loves the family or the wife, it is the image, and therefore there is no actual relationship. Relationship means not only physical contact … Continue reading

Upcoming Events for Spring Semester

2 Movie Showings: What the Bleep Do We Know? Contact Integral Presentation Zen Meditation Session So the two movies will focus directly on science, religion and spirituality. The next event, the Integral Presentation, will dive into psychological and sociological issues, presenting debate and discussion over Wilber’s work and Clare Grave’s Spiral Dynamics. The last event, … Continue reading

Follow Up

So, as individual people, do we allow the past to condition the present? Are we perpetuating an image, a memory and labeling it ‘me?’ If so, the so-called persona of a human being is re-created, from moment to moment, by bringing the past and injecting it into this moment. What happens if that stops, or … Continue reading

Conditioning The Present

Furthermore, it is always possible to argue not that we are conditioned by the past, but that we use the past to condition ourselves in the present, and for reasons which are not historical but deeply inward and unknown.” Alan Watts This one struck me like a koan. How about you? Isn’t that interesting? In … Continue reading

Dusty Papers: Sociology Part II

So in my last blog I was taking a look at the pros and cons of sociology in the classroom. As it turns out, my B+ might end up having to be changed to a C-. While doing some casual research online (Drinking pomegranate tea while listening to Stuart Davis and digging into google), I … Continue reading


For you nerds out there (I guess – is a sociologist considered a nerd?) I’d just like to take a moment to reflect on my chosen major – Sociology. I have been taking classes for about two semesters now, and hopefully am gaining somewhat of an idea of what it’s all about. What is it, … Continue reading

Reading "The Sociology of Early Buddhism"

So, while browsing links after searching google for “sociology, buddhism,” this book came up. Being a sociology major, and very interested in how sociologists approach (if they do…) eastern contemplatives, I was excited at the discovery of “The Sociology of Early Buddhism,” by Greg Bailey and Ian Mabbett. I browsed through the pages and started … Continue reading

Weird Mars: Civilization and Apocalypse?

Did Mars once harbor a lush organic landscape, with civilizations that erected epic-sized pyramids? Could a catastrophic collision with a meteorite or some other large projectile in space, have decimated Earth’s sister planet and left it a cold, barren red wasteland? Sounds amazing! Is it true? This team of researchers and scientists raise the questions … Continue reading