Posted in March 2008

Athiesm Remix

So atheism. “Atheism.” There are alot of videos on the web about that. “Yeah, I’ve watched a few. What about them?” Does it every get tiring? “Tiring, of what? Dismissing God?” Well, you think after dismissing the traditional God and the dogma, you’d wonder, is there anything else? “I guess.” But they don’t. “Really? I’d … Continue reading


Recently I’ve been playfully and painfully exploring our sense of self, what it is (or is not), and how it is reinventing itself, day to day, hour to hour, and even moment to moment. These investigations have led to compelling discoveries about our own nature, our sense of self, and directly impacting our societies past … Continue reading

Digging Into Paradox

I’d just like to share one thought about the traditional evolutionist/creationist debate. Are not both ends of the spectrum merely trying to create a narrative? A story for us? They are trying to write our past, as accurately as possible (For their own viewpoint, of course). Yet, is this digging into the past really going … Continue reading

It’s been a while,

And it may or may not be longer. I’ve been taking some down time at home to relax, play some games and socialize. I’ll soon be back to blog again, as I’ve found some interesting things while surfing. In the meantime, though, Farewell Arthur C. Clark (More on your parting words later). Hello Eckhart Tolle, … Continue reading

Swimmies in the Deep End

I’d like to point out that this was greatly inspired by a friend of mine, for now we will call Owl. I was reading her blog and felt a spark of blogging inspiration. Thanks Owl! A few blogs back I was inspired to critique and explore my major, sociology. I wrote a few questions that … Continue reading