Posted in April 2008

Sunset in the Distance

So, I was talking with the head of the Philosophy Club, and the philosophy advisor at our school. The president of the club, a graduating senior, is stepping down with nobody to replace him. I offered to take over and reboot the philosophy club. If I have time today, I’ll meet with him and our … Continue reading

Sinking Clouds= Thesis?

The future of sociology will not just be juggling complex theoretical differences and political strife, but also understanding the underlying causes behind our suffering, so that we may at last transcend it. Sociology will offer us a more inclusive picture of humanity, rather than a fragmented one.

Introducing the Ion Engine

This new “electric propulsion system” enables long distance space travel by harnessing the power of the sun to charge its ion engines. This sci-fi looking ship is being developed by the European Space Program to map out the gravity of Earth, but the hype right now is all about it’s potential for true space travel … Continue reading

Brainstorms and Tsunamis

I’ve been asked to write a paper for the upcoming philosophy journal. I really have no idea what to write. One thing that is missing often from universities (and beyond I’m sure) is eastern philosophy- but that doesn’t mean I’d have to write something. Even so, it’s still a passion of mine. [Pondering] I suppose … Continue reading

Sinking Clouds

It’s so natural for us to see only through our own point of view. While expressing one attitude or another, we tend to find things that naturally reinforce it. “Oh, yes, see? That makes such sense.” We sort of let it sink into our minds, sharpening its talons so that it may defend its truth. … Continue reading

Imperial Guilt

In the U.S.- those who are aware of the hegemony we wield over the world are often encouraged to feel a sense of guilt. In academic circles, this at times arises as: Shame on you, citizens of an empire! Feel the guilt and then make change for the better! I’m not sure if this is … Continue reading

Relatively Speaking

I’ve been having a dialogue with a professor of mine. Sort of. It’s almost a debate. I don’t want to focus so much on our personal clashes as much as the mental-scapes in which we differ. This teacher of mine is intelligent, young, charismatic and whole-heartedly passionate about teaching sociology. Yet, some of the views … Continue reading

Quick Updates…

Kosmos Magazine is almost at the printers! For better or worse, the large majority of our submissions are creative writing and visual arts. There is a lack of much scientific, religious and spiritually grown work, but I am quite happy with this. Its design has come out great. We’ll be sure to get more funding … Continue reading

Beyond Sensitivity – New paper, first draft.

For the first time in history, the whole of our planet is open to exploration. Every crevice, corner, color and creed of the world has for the most part, been touched. We are as diverse as the constellations, our DNA perhaps even more so. As technology and transportation has shrunk our world, we have been … Continue reading