Posted in August 2008

Looking Further, Consciousness and Sam Harris

Although Hitchens tends to be overtly dismissive about all forms of religion, the same cannot be said for Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris. In fact, Dawkins appears to be more tolerant of eastern perspectives, seeing them more as philosophies of mind, and less as superstition. In “The God Delusion,” he writes: “And I shall not … Continue reading

“There is no Eastern Solution”

So says Christopher Hitchens in,  ”God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.”  I borrowed this book from the library, because Hitchens has always been my favorite of the “new atheists” to watch in debates. His bluntness and eloquence of words cut deeply into issues many are too soft to articulate, and I find it most amusing. … Continue reading

Could Consciousness…

– be a self reflection of the whole, ultimately? As we evolve, our culture and technology more and more are able to reproduce (Not just mimic) fundamental structures of the universe. The more we understand inter-dependence and harmony, the more we recreate it in our actions. Like a mirror reflection on a stream, ever flowing. … Continue reading

TED Talks, the Future, and Collaboration

If you haven’t seen this one yet, Clay Shirky talks about the differences between institution and collaboration, and what social interaction is going to look like in the future. If you’re a fan of open source, what he has to say may hold very promising. From what I understand, he’s saying that the huge influx … Continue reading


“Everyone Will Finally Be Equal,” seems like an awesome film! Originally a story by Kurt Vonnegut, it tells the tale of a dystopian future, where everyone is equal- but not in the way we idealized. The website writes, Based on the short story Harrison Bergeron by celebrated author Kurt Vonnegut, 2081 depicts a dystopian future … Continue reading

Letter to a Post-Modernist

The dissolution of the meta-narrative allows us to see the underlying vast network of “micro-narratives,” as if unearthing a simplistic skin to observe a networking root of vines, earth, and complex structures. Like lifting a rock to see the vast life beneath, we see what we have been missing from our understanding. The importance of … Continue reading


Beyond our faculty of knowledge, the mind rests in ‘being.’ Ultimately “Budh,” to awaken, know or perceive- Bodhati.  We look, therefore, to see if it is possible that the mind and consciousness itself have greater functions than cognitive. We ask if we may already have a, “Freedom from the known.” We may perceive “gnosticism” – … Continue reading