Posted in September 2008

The Net, The Self and a New Society

These three terms: net, self and new society, describe the dynamic collaboration at work in modern times. What we are seeing now is a new form of relationship. On one hand, we have multi-national corporations that devour smaller business, people and even governments in their wake. On the other, we appear to have a growing … Continue reading

Redefining Dualism

In eastern philosophy, there is no A vs B. That is the appearance or illusion. Nothing exists without being in relation with something else (no thing in itself). In a duel, the warrior is expected to, or encouraged to discover this. The enemy is meant to be seen as a part of the warrior. To … Continue reading

Mind, Body–More like Mind-Body!

In one of those reflecting moods at the moment, thinking about what I’ve been learning in my philosophy class, “Philosophy of Mind.” The western philosophers propose that we have a problem, the problem of “other minds.” A great rift seems to occur between thinking we are all mind, or all body. There are varying degrees … Continue reading