The Fluidity of Mind, or Random Inspiration:

With inspiration due to Gilles Deleuze:

Like the earth moves and flows, so do we. Like the earth freezes and solidifies, so do we. And so a dynamic friction of motion and silence, we dance in a chaotic flow, organizing, creating, running down many streams, and when those streams dry up, we find other paths, or perhaps we remain ponds and lakes. Life is like this, and we are not so separated from the natural world so as to not be effected by this ebb and flow of tidal forces, be they geological, biological, or even mental. Does not our ideas have a certain flow, a crossroad of many paths intersecting at particular points? Can our understanding expand and contract, differentiate or narrow? This is the nature too, of the mind. The mind, and our minds as they come together, flow and stagnate, crystallize and run free. It would seem that many in our society today would have us think that it’s got to be one or the other, and more likely than not, many today feel that the best way is to have a crystallized mind; or a concept of the world that is solidified and controlled.

This was not always the case, nor does is it truly grasping the nature of ebb and flow. Despite their claims, it is the very contraction and expansion of fluidity, of solidifying and liquidating our ideas, our knowledge, that allows the many lines of creative to arise. Insight, expansion, alternatives, creativity, as a rule these things exist and thrive in an environment that is not cemented so purely as to allow no motion but bureaucracy and law. Is our view of the world, and ourselves, so frigid as to create a stressful, imbalanced nature which will inevitably come crashing down in a tidal wave of unchecked fluidity?

For if the world is really a series of flowing states, in which we happen to be a part of, there is no escaping this nature. Indeed, how could we? If we ourselves are the product of these flowing states, each man and woman an intersection of variables, coming together to create a conscious experience, there is no ultimate “Me” in which we can solidify beyond our relative states. Indeed, we are the very river that is flowing around us. We are as much a part of the flow as the rain, the air, the wind and the earth. Beyond that, we are as much a part of the cosmic tides that birth and destroy galaxies and universes. Do we not see ourselves this way? And if not, why not? You have nothing to hold onto, only the illusion of fighting the stream, you merely crystallize for a while, only to melt away once again.

And so we have this nature of the mind; in which it freezes itself over, thinking this can create a safe ground, and yet this frigidity also hinders the life flow, which is also needed.

So must we also become vessels for a flow? And by our learning we discover ways to “open up” or “let go” in order to catch the wind, follow the currents and use the motion and silence of the universe to all in all, simply “be” and live embedded in truth without words.


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