Posted in December 2008

Spiritual atheism, additional thoughts…

The following is a comment response I made on Reddit. I think it would be good to qualify with readers about what I mean, exactly. I think this sums it up best when I talk about “spirituality” existing without mythical deities: See, I think our definition of spirituality is not “out there” in the unexplainable. … Continue reading

Atheism can be Spiritual, too?

Atheists may have their valid points for disregarding a majority of belief systems, because they are for the most part archaic; belief in superstition, mythical deities controlling the fate of humanity, etc. I think that most of us can make sense of their arguments against such dated philosophies. There is certain risk, however, that this … Continue reading

Introducing Project Mendus

Project Mendus: Bringing Mind and World Together. This is a new integral project that hopes to attract those who haven’t heard of the integral movement in particular, but to still have the underlying theme of trying to see unity and interconnection between all disciplines and paths. Please take a look and consider joining the dialogue. … Continue reading

Exploring the Singularity

I recently purchased The Age of Spiritual Machines from Amazon. Ray Kurzweil is one of the most interesting people on the bleeding edge of the singularity. This book was published in 1999, and in it Kurzweil daringly predicts what technological trends will occur within the next 100 years. His predictions are nothing short of astounding. … Continue reading

Body Swap–Is the “Self” a trick?

A recent study was successfully able to convince subjects that they were in another body–first by attaching cameras to the head of a dummy, making it look like the subject was seeing through the dummy’s eyes. To further instill the illusion, they touched the subject’s body at the same time and place as the dummy’s. … Continue reading

The Cosmic Seasons

A few days ago on reddit, there was an interesting link to this wiki page: Yuga; the name of an epoch or ega within a cycle of four ages.  The cyclical nature of Hindu cosmology is very interesting, because here you have another example of ancient civilizations intuiting a cosmic pattern of birth and death, … Continue reading