Posted in April 2009

Philosophy Notes: What is knowledge?

These are some philosophy notes I gathered during a writing exercise in our Paradoxes class. I was referring to the dictionary during this process… To know something is to believe it is true – What is truth? Know – understanding something from experience. Ledge – lock – action or process. Knowledge is the action of … Continue reading

Thinking Integral.

There’s been a discussion on open source integral about the limitations of Wilber’s theories. For any new folks who haven’t heard much of Ken Wilber or integral theory- it’s a philosophy which attempts to integrate various aspects of reality in a coherent, mapped-out way. Brain science and spiritual experiences, the various theories, literally, about anything … Continue reading

Thoughts on an Integral World essay, “Tangled Phone Lines: Why Richard Dawkins Hung up on Ken Wilber”

I sometimes browse through Integral World, reading interesting critiques and sometimes just plain nasty ones. This article started out interesting, “I don’t necessarily think that mystics and skeptics should depart company and go on their respective ways…” the author writes in the beginning. The relationship between science and mysticism is fascinating to me, so the … Continue reading