“Building the Earth,” by Teilhard de Chardin.

It would be nursing a great illusion,
if the man of our times were to think
that, having attained a fuller understanding
of himself,
and of the world,
he had no further need of religion.

There has been a multiplication of systems
in which the existence of religion
has been interpreted as a psychological phenomenon
associated with the childhood of mankind.

At its maximum
when civilization is beginning
it should gradually fade away
giving place to more positive constructions,
from which God
(particularly a personal and transcendent God)
would be excluded.

In reality,
for those who can see,
the great conflict from which we will have escaped
will only consolidate in the world
the necessity of faith.

Having reached a higher degree of self-mastery,
the Spirit of Earth will experience
an increasingly vital need to adore;

out of universal evolution God emerges in our consciousness
as greater and more necessary than ever.

The only possibly Motive Power of a life
which has reached the stage of Reflection
is an Absolute, or in other words a Divine, Term.

Religion has sometimes been understood
as a mere antidote to our evils, an “opiate.”

Its true purpose is to sustain and spur on the progress of life.
It is the profound need of an Absolute,
sought from the start
through every progressive form of religion.

Once this starting point is realized,
it becomes evident that the “religious function”
born of hominization and linked thereto
is bound to grow continuously with man himself.
The more man is man, the more he will feed the need
to devote himself to something which is greater than he is.

It is not that which we can ascertain around us?

At what moment in the Noosphere
has there been a more urgent need
to find a faith, a hope
to give meaning and soul
to the immense organism we are building?


2 thoughts on ““Building the Earth,” by Teilhard de Chardin.

  1. Excelent, it is just like you say, nowadays we need guidance much more than in any other time in the history
    of humankind. We have such solid basis now that they turn out to be completely frail.

    Depression is a serious mental illness that requires months and sometimes years of treatment on the path to a cure. Millions of Americans across the United States are affected by depression each and every year. Depression is more commonplace than you might think and it will not go away on its own.

    Depression is reaching epidemic proportions and imposes tremendous costs on society. It is a condition that occurs at the interface of the individual and environment. Stress is the primary driver of depression but a host of other causative factors can be involved. One of them that is virtually ignored is the role culture can play in the frequency of depression. The psychologist, Oliver James, has argued that our society is making too many people mentally ill. If the trends in depression incidence are to be believed he may well have a point.

    The culture we are living in has no inherent meaning, and no dialogue with nature, If we are fortunate, we may have an ocean retreat from the man-made. If we are less affluent we may make special trips to connect to nature, be it at the zoo, or the botanical gardens. But for most of us nature is absent from our daily life.


  2. This is foolish sentimentality.

    Religions are plagued by toxicity and poisonous thinking that only worsens with time.

    History demonstrates time and time again, institutions stagnate and become corrupt through the generations.

    We don’t need a “God” or a “Divine” external being or whatever.

    What we need is more tolerance, compassion, patience, forgiveness, and yes, love.

    An overarching, guiding entity is not necessarily going to supply any of these. Such a being might teach about, or speak about such virtues, but there is no rational reason that such a being would simply foist such ideas upon us.

    Rather, we must work to cultivate these ideals within ourselves and no religion now or ever has ever fully succeeded in this arena. If a religion had succeeded in this area, we’d all be embracing it right now. The fact of the matter is that we exist within a world occupied by a plurality of ideals, wishes, hopes, aspirations, and mythologies. This results in a diverse landscape populated by wildly different religions that contradict if not conflict with each other. Religious conflict is bar none the source of the majority of our world conflicts both now and historically.

    Now if you want to make the argument that we need SPIRITUALITY, I would totally agree.

    However, spirituality is not some lip service given to an imaginary or dead or whatever god. Spirituality is a personal awareness into matters beyond the physical realm, and that awareness is uniquely individual.

    Moreover spirituality is not a set of rule or guidelines to follow. We don’t need more “guidance” or “instructions” or “rules” or whatever. We need people to mature and learn to think for themselves in an intelligent manner rather than depending on some guy in pulpit to tell them what to do.

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