Posted in August 2009

Mystical experiences.

“Inability to accept the mystic experience is more than an intellectual handicap. The lack of awareness of the basic unity of organism and environment is a serious and dangerous hallucination.” — Alan Watts Advertisements

Zen and Christians, afraid to love?

Clergyman defends his Zen Buddhist practices. Conservatives in the Episcopal Church of the US are demanding that Rev Kevin Thew Forrester, a priest of the diocese of Northern Michigan, be barred from the episcopate because he received a “lay ordination” from a Buddhist group. Strange how so much misunderstanding stems from when we see something … Continue reading

Wholes and parts, Manuel Delanda, organic philosophy…

Following the philosophy of Deleuze, Manuel Delanda has explored a more sophisticated, messier and non-linear nature to reality. Mostly uncommon to western thinking, though not absent, is the idea of an organic view of the world: of interconnected processes that don’t necessarily have intention, purpose, that aren’t like cogs in a machine to be broken … Continue reading

Book run!

Just picked up a few interesting books from Barnes and Noble: Eastern Body, Western Mind, by Anodea Judith. This one looks amazing! A large volume that takes you through personal growth and evolution, via the spiritual chakra systems. I’m very excited to learn and read from this. Mind in the Balance, by B. Alan Wallace. … Continue reading

Ways of perceiving. Existence and our senses.

[This is taken straight out of my notes… ! So the style might be a bit choppy/stream of consciousness] I’ve learned so far is that there are some assumptions and ways of thinking, that are related to our ways of perceiving the world, which has everything to do with consciousness. And those ways of perception, … Continue reading

seeds grow slowly, but roots take hold

“We are all earthlings, cracking out of our shell. For that is “the Way” or the Tao of things… to open and bind together, and be in flux, to evolve. The difference is our conscious presence here, can we fully embrace that interconnection? I wonder.” Something really shined through earlier today. Just a quote from … Continue reading

Noosphere evolution, our foremost prospect?

I’ve been reading Wilber while on vacation. Its been a nice way to relax, contemplate and shake off too many ideas, leaving behind a few interesting gems. In particular, Wilber mentions in “SES,” that the emergence of civil liberties, particularly women’s rights, was because of a conceptual evolution. Human time, energy and attention for the … Continue reading

San Diego..

Blue skies, Cool nights, Quiet city and friendly denizens. Learned about heterarchy, hierarchy and holarchy during the trip over. Beautiful city! Strange seeing desert and rock, ocean cliffs and drivers that take their time (what a difference from New York). Took a ghost tour tonight. Those pics will be up later in the week. For … Continue reading

Silence and fullness…

I was reading Teilhard in the car the other day. He mentioned something along the lines of: the universe is full of sound and harmony, we will not recognize this truth through silence. Poetic he might be, but Teilhard, would you agree that the best ear to hear cosmic harmony is an attentive one? Silence … Continue reading