Heart, Mind and Theory

I think the only real problem with any theory, or practice, is that it is in constant danger of trapping the user in a fixed system. When we catch a glimpse of the divine, and see how it influences our universe through some underlying patterns, we might attempt to “master,” that wave. On occasion, we become more obsessed with our own practice than the source of the art itself. Like a painter becoming enthralled with one technique or other, we lose sight of the bigger picture, the water from which we drank.

If we let that happen, then the stream of inspiration dries up, and we are left with nothing but empty forms. The guide to having a system is keeping it in check with the Absolute, or divine, or “the spirit of the thing.” Leave your heart open and let it guide you through, and never settle too strongly with clever reasoning or abstractions. They are only useful when they are an expression of “what is.” That is true art, philosophy, and science.


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