A Gallant Attempt.

The starship came to a halt, just as it was nearing a small world, third planet from a dying star.

“Check your sensors,” snapped the captain.

“We’re detecting no signs of life. However, there appears to be evidence for intelligent life having once existed.”

“Send down the probes, and quickly. The star could give out at any moment. We must report back to our Sector’s research post with as much data as possible.”

Tiny spheres jettisoned from the ships hull, spreading themselves over the planets surface. Instruments scanned the remnants of life wildly, amongst the now burning deserts and boiling oceans. Fossils emerged. Then city structures. Later on in the geological layers, evidence of an advanced race were clearly observed, capable of generating consciousness artificially, expanding into the stars.

“Clearly,” a scientist said, pacing back and forth before the viewing screen, “we have evidence of a transitional fossil. My fellow denizens, before your eyes we see the process of a biological organism evolving into a technological organism. In all likelihood, the traces of vast computer systems and artificial life shared a common ancestors in the earlier, organic biped creature.”

A political consultant, and religious practitioner stood, “I detest! Sir, there is not, nor has there ever been evidence for any such ‘transition.’ In fact, I would go so far as to say these two creatures: the bio-organism and the computer-organism existed independently. There’s just too little time in between the fossil record for natural selection to have occurred. I, for one, simply refuse to believe we dignified machines have any such relation to flesh and blood!”

The red star began to show signs of violent solar storms, assuredly able to wipe out the excavated remnants of life on the planet below.

Impatiently, the captain asked, “so what have we here? A case in favor of evolution, or against?”

The scientist gazed out at the dry world below. “Given all my data, I must insist: somehow, one species has had to evolve into the other.”

His proponent shook his head,”these claims have little proof. Besides, they appear to be completely un-related to one another. The machine-species is irreducibly complex. It wouldn’t function if it were missing a single circuit! As an official statement: the third planet of this star is a clear indication of a supreme intelligence, and the nail in the coffin against evolutionary theories. Should the scientist aboard provide us with one example of a transitionary fossil for such a brief period in this world’s history, in which this alleged “evolution” must have taken place, I will reconsider.”

The captain nodded, looking sympathetically to the scientist, “He has a point there, science officer, but a gallant attempt nonetheless”

And the starship left the system, just as the burning sun expanded ever greater, reducing the Earth’s surface to vapor and ash.


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