seeds grow slowly, but roots take hold

“We are all earthlings, cracking out of our shell. For that is “the Way” or the Tao of things… to open and bind together, and be in flux, to evolve. The difference is our conscious presence here, can we fully embrace that interconnection? I wonder.”

Something really shined through earlier today. Just a quote from a great discussion on youtube.

What might we want to see in the 21st century? To see ourselves as a natural part of the world. To transform our understanding, of the myth that world is somehow mechanical or a product, to one where we are grown from the world, not “dropped” into it or assembled, and that in one way or another, we are conscious of the way: of flux and flow, impermanence, interdependence, an ecosystem of mind and body, minds and bodies. Is this not the Tao that was spoken of long ago? Born again through the modern lifeworld. If we would only see ourselves as beings in relation to others, and to grow as such in a forest of being. That would be quite a recognition.


2 thoughts on “seeds grow slowly, but roots take hold

  1. “see ourselves as beings in relation to others, and to grow as such in a forest of being.”

    that line is golden. i was talking to an acquaintance (turned close friend in a matter of hours) last night and discussed about penetrating into the inner forest without any map or guide. moving forward, creating pathways behind us yet no way of knowing where its heading. also, seeing the inner manifested in our world and seeing how everything is dancing together, like a kaleidoscope of mirrors and light.


  2. Separation is not ok, if you think it for a second first we separate ourselves in body and mind, there are diferenciated, while indeed there are the same thing, you can check emotions for example, they happen at both places, they are in our brain and in our body we can act and feel them. So why separate? Then we separate among beings generally in an horrible way. When what will make us better will be to collaborate, mingle and understand each others.

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