Posted in September 2009

Quick updates.

Hey everyone, I’ll be posting more blogs shortly. Lots of work to do with school, but part of my research entails writing about Teilhard. I hope to write another essay for Integral World concerning a “follow up” analysis of integral theory, and modern ecological problems. Sounds messy, but it could be fun. Til then! Advertisements

An organic philosophy?

In the last blog I was mentioning the need in the integral philosophy, and in philosophy in general, to cultivate some kind of more natural philosophy. By natural I don’t mean, “natural sciences,” although it is intricately connected to that subject. What it really means is acknowledging, I think, three major points: The first is … Continue reading

“The heart of the matter is that we are living in a culture which has been hypnotized with symbols- words, numbers, measures, quantities and images- and that we mistake them for, and prefer them to, physical reality. We believe that the proof of the pudding is in the chemical analysis, not in the eating. This … Continue reading