Posted in November 2009

Re-thinking “integral”

Weirdly enough, I’ve recently felt disconnected from “integral theory” in any form. The question that’s started to be raised in my head was: without the theory, what is integral? I couldn’t think of an answer. Besides a highly abstract/rational system, a meta-theory, what’s left? The answer was just… Here now, however and whichever way human … Continue reading

“Hymn of the Universe.”

“Son of earth, steep yourself in the sea of matter, bathe in its fiery waters, for it is the source of your life and youthfulness. You thought you could do without it because the power of thought has been kindled in you? You hoped that the more thoroughly you rejected the tangible, the closer you … Continue reading

Found these along the way…

These are just some nice poems I found while doing some thesis research. But the body’s desires, in another way, are like an unpredictable associate, whom you must be patient with. And that companion is helpful, because patience expands your capacity to love and feel peace. The patience of a rose close to a thorn … Continue reading

Compassionate Challenge for Integral

This was originally posted on Integral Life. The topic is how the integral community may creatively engage the mainstream. It turned out to be a bit of a critique as well. Feedback here or at integral life is much appreciated! To sum up everything I whole heartedly feel: Focus on the content, not the framing … Continue reading

Ice King.

O, the King stood tall against the Winds And asked, “Have I not built a grand kingdom, worthy of the Lord of Lords? Day may become the eve’ And my Kingdom should stand even in distant seasons!” But Winter came, And The King shivered his first, “Tighten the doors, build the fires! Keep the warmth … Continue reading

“The Sun of Truth”

“It is evident and manifest unto every discerning observer that even as the light of the star fadeth before the effulgent splendour of the sun, so doth the luminary of earthly knowledge, of wisdom, and understanding vanish into nothingness when brought face to face with the resplendent glories of the Sun of Truth, the Day-star … Continue reading