Posted in December 2009

Bill Harris threatens legal action against blogger.

After posting a scathing critique of Bill Harris and his “Holo-sync” program, the Beyond Growth blogger McDuffee received an angry email from Harris himself, chock-full of bullying legal threats. I don’t know about you, but  I think this kind of reaction is downright immature and disappointing. “Perhaps you do not realize the severity of the … Continue reading

The Mysticism of East and West.

Teilhard had a unique perspective on evolution and spirituality. Unlike the contemporaries of his time, he saw religion, mysticism and evolution as part of one greater process of unfolding, groping towards some unity with the Godhead. A new kind of faith, which saw an attainable future “unity” with God, a glorious “Kingdom of Heaven” on … Continue reading

Accessibility of message.

Alot of the things being said about philosophy, transformation and consciousness might in language be less accessible. Each philosopher or teacher has their own way of expressing it, and then again some people may recognize it without being able to teach it. I think this is OK, because if there is one thing that often … Continue reading

Be here now.

“When the Mexicans in their deficient mythical-magic structure encountered the mentally-oriented Spaniards, the magic-mythic power failed in the face of mental strength; clan consciousness failed in the face of the individualized ego-consciousness. If an integral man were to encounter a deficient mental man, would not deficient material power fail in the face of integral strength? … Continue reading