Accessibility of message.

Alot of the things being said about philosophy, transformation and consciousness might in language be less accessible. Each philosopher or teacher has their own way of expressing it, and then again some people may recognize it without being able to teach it. I think this is OK, because if there is one thing that often cuts through the philosophical language it’s that whatever this “transformation” is, it is accessible and a part of all human beings. Fundamentally, it’s realizing you are not your mind or body. Your essential nature has no time or space, which can be very liberating to experience.

That all human beings can access this, can discover this by following their own attention down to its roots, fully conscious, is a gift and a blessing. All human beings can discover God within, realize enlightenment, find that they ARE buddha-nature. This is what many people label “awakening.” Many names and many approaches for a great insight. The trick comes down to something delicate, but fully capable: practice. It takes effort, attentiveness to not get lost in wilderness of the this world, of our minds and hearts. It takes humbleness to realize it’s not our small-self, mind/body, that becomes enlightened, but that we are MORE than just that and it is already here in this moment, timeless.

The beautiful thing is that if we sustain a practice, all people can discover this in one way or another. It can be tricky for people like me, though, who love to talk about it and use it as our muse. We can easily trick ourselves into intellectualizing and chattering on without discovering we are actually living in it. On that note, I hope to do more practice to compliment theorizing. In my experience philosophy and scholarly work is devoid of all meaning without something to bring it to life and be the source of its muse. For me, enlightenment practice and spiritual cultivation is essential for any philosophical work or writing I do.

And on this note, this week will be a test, or what I hope is a new beginning, for me. Going to try to see if I can sustain daily meditation practice with the help of particular teachers (Shinzen Young has been great recently), guides (3 Pillars of Zen), and my own faith in myself that I can do this.


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