Posted in January 2010

Excerpt from the Red Book, Liber Novus.

The spirit of this time would like to hear of use and value. I also thought this way, and my humanity still thinks this way. But that other spirit forces me nevertheless to speak, beyond justification, use and meaning. Filled with human pride and blinded by the presumptuous spirit of the times, I sought to … Continue reading

Carl Jung and the Nature of the Psyche.

There are these peculiar faculties of the psyche…that it isn’t entirely confined to space and time. You can have dreams or visions of the future. You can see around corners and such things. Only ignorants deny these facts. Its quite evident that they do exist and have existed always. Now these facts show that the … Continue reading

All in all, or a forgotten Christian teaching.

Early Christianity was a diverse and mystical religion, with varying interpretations of scripture. Origen was a Christian theologian who believed every part of creation would eventually be returned to God, even Satan. He also believed in reincarnation. Interestingly, at the Council of Nicea, Origen’s views on reincarnation lost by one vote. “Unlike many contemporary Christian … Continue reading

To Know that You are God

If you like this, you also might want to check out dj rekluse‘s new musical meditation. Featuring this Watts clip among some other great ones.

“Jesus and His Religion,” Alan Watts.

Translation “I am a son of God,” well there’s the whole thing in a nutshell. If you read the King James Bible… You will see in italics, in front of the words “son of God,” the “son of God.” Most people think the italics are for emphasis. They’re not. The italics indicate words interpolated by … Continue reading

Transformation of Mind with Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo had a fascinating and mystical description for where humanity was headed. He describes an evolution of consciousness, whereby a higher reality, or Light-Consciousness, was the next major evolutionary transformation. The old, rational mind, searching for “truth,” would become the Higher Mind, a being-in-truth. Humanity would become an over-flowing of Being, expressing higher realities … Continue reading

Towards an Integral age and a Planetary Consciousness

I’ve come across a few interesting “diagrams,” or visual representations that relate to our experience of reality. The first one is my favorite: 1. The Enneagrammatic circuit: In particular, I appreciate how each symbol is represents a sensory experience in our awareness: touch, sight, thought, smell, etc. Also abundantly apparent is the idea that, “all … Continue reading

What is integral?

So this is a quick reflection about the integral philosophy, mostly associated with but not limited to Ken Wilber. What is integral? To me, the most important aspect to this is what integral points out; release from our fixation of “things.” One of the most important claims integral makes is that its own stage of … Continue reading