Transformation of Mind with Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo had a fascinating and mystical description for where humanity was headed. He describes an evolution of consciousness, whereby a higher reality, or Light-Consciousness, was the next major evolutionary transformation. The old, rational mind, searching for “truth,” would become the Higher Mind, a being-in-truth. Humanity would become an over-flowing of Being, expressing higher realities while still living in this dimension of existence. I put together a few excerpts from a very detailed page. If you know of similar ideas, please share them. My intention is to have an on-going dialogue and exploration on how so many different perspectives are converging. If you’d like, this can be used as an insight meditation. Keep an open mind and enjoy the ride!

Towards greater light:

Our first decisive step out of our human Intelligence, our normal mentality, is an ascent into a higher Mind, a mind no longer of mingled light and obscurity or half-light, but a large clarity of the Spirit. Its basic substance is a unitarian sense of being with a powerful multiple dynamisation capable of the formation of a multitude of aspects of knowledge, ways of action, forms and significances of becoming, of all of which there is a spontaneous inherent knowledge. It is therefore a power that has proceeded from the overmind, — but with the supermind as its ulterior origin, — as all these greater powers have proceeded: but its special character, its activity of consciousness are dominated by Thought; it is a luminous thought-mind, a mind of Spirit-born conceptual knowledge.

it is indeed, the spiritual parent of our conceptive mental ideation, and it is natural that this leading power of our mentality should, when it goes beyond itself, pass into its immediate source.

The old, searching Mind

“…There is no need of a seeking and self-critical ratiocination, no logical motion step by step towards a conclusion, no mechanism of expressed or implied deductions and inferences, no building or deliberate concatenation of idea with idea in order to arrive at an ordered sum or outcome of knowledge: for this limping action of our reason is a movement of Ignorance searching for knowledge, obliged to safeguard its steps against error, to erect a selective mental structure for its temporary shelter and to base it on foundations already laid and carefully laid but never firm, because it is not supported on a soil of native awareness but imposed on an original soil of nescience.

“a play of the searchlight of intelligence, probing into the little known or unknown.”

Spontaneous Illumination

This higher consciousness is a knowledge formulating itself on a basis of self existent all-awareness… manifesting some part of its integrality. It can freely express itself in a single idea, but most characteristic movement is a mass ideation, a system of totality of truth-seeing at a single view; the relations of idea with idea, of truth with truth are not established by logic but pre-exist and emerge already self-seen in the integral whole.

Resistance and Obstacles to this Emerging Consciousness:

The Cognitive Mind itself:

“…all ideas are forces and have a formative or self-effective faulty greater or less according to the conditions, even reducible to nil in practice when they have to deal with inconscient Matter… There is thus already-formed a power of resistance which opposes or minimizes the effects of the descending Light, a resistance which may amount to a refusal, a rejection of Light.”

Why does Nature Resist Transformation?

“This power of persistence, recurrence, resistance of established things in Nature is always the great obstacle which the evolutionary Force has to meet, which it has indeed itself created in order to prevent too rapid transmutation even when that transmutation is its own eventual intention in things.”

Overcoming Resistance to Transformation:

“In order to allow…the higher Light an adequate entry and force of working, it is necessary to acquire a power for quietude of the nature, to compose, to tranquilize, impress a controlled passivity or even an entire silence of mind and heart, life and body.”

“A previously established psychic control is very desirable as that creates a general responsiveness and inhibits the revolt of the lower parts against the Light, or their consent to the claims of Ignorance.

“A preliminary spiritual transformation will also reduce the hold of the Ignorance; but neither of these influences altogether eliminates the obstruction or limitation. The power of the spiritual Higher Mind and its idea-force, modified and diminished as it must be by its entrance into our mentality, is not sufficient to sweep out all these obstacles and create the gnostic being, but it can make a first change, a modification that will capacitate a higher ascent and a more powerful descent and further prepare an Integration of the being in a greater Force of consciousness and knowledge.

This greater force is that of the Illumined Mind


7 thoughts on “Transformation of Mind with Sri Aurobindo.

  1. I just finished writing an article called ‘In Harmony’s Way’ about Sri Aurobindo’s understanding or discussion of the evolutionary path, journey (or Vedic sacrifice) by which the mind/consciousness transforms into the supramental or higher consciousness, which may be of interest to you. Here’s a blurb which is full of Sri Aurobindo quotes about the transformative path. In the full article I tried to shed some light on the nature of this path so that people can begin to have a better understanding of the journey.

    “Sri Aurobindo wrote much about [the] journey-sacrifice (adhvara yajña) towards divine consciousness in ‘The Secret of the Veda’. It is a journey towards discovering the ‘hymn of the soul’ that is in absolute attunement to and absolute harmony with the hymn of the Earth, the hymn of the Sun and our Solar System, and the Hymn of the Whole creation.

    ‘The sacrifice is also a journey; indeed the sacrifice itself is described as travelling, as journeying to a divine goal; and the journey and the sacrifice are both continually spoken of as a battle against the dark powers.’ (p.183)

    ‘[The] part of the Angiras Rishis in the sacrifice is the human part, to find the word, to sing the hymn of the soul to the gods, to sustain and increase the divine Powers by the praise, the sacred food and the Soma-wine, to bring to birth by their aid the divine Dawn, to win the luminous forms of the all-radiant Truth and to ascend to its secret, far and high-seated home.’ (p. 187)

    ‘[The] gods are invoked for this great journey, adhvara yajña, the sacrifice that travels or is a travel to the home of the godheads and at the same time a battle: for thus it is sung, “Easy of travelling for thee is the path, O Agni, and known to thee from of old. Yoke in the Soma-offering thy ruddy (or actively moving) mares which bear the hero. Seated, I call the births divine” …. What path is this? It is the path between the home of the gods and our earthly mortality down which the gods descend through the [antariksha], the vital regions, to the earthly sacrifice and up which the sacrifice and man by the sacrifice ascends to the home of the gods.’ (p.188)

    ‘By the truth, in the revolution of the year, they broke Vala ….’ [RV X.62.2] (p. 177)

    ‘[The] secret eternal worlds have been closed to us, says the Rishi, by the movement of Time, by the months and years; therefore naturally they have to be discovered, revealed, conquered, created in us by the movement of Time ….’ (pp.179-180)
    – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda”

  2. I haven’t read much of Aurobindo outside of Wilber I’m afraid (This blog post was one of my first in depth ventures). Auroville? Awesome name… Have you been there?

  3. Ya, Auroville was amazing. Their website:
    But the most amazing part of it is the “Matrimandir”

    “the Matrimandir emerges as a large golden sphere which seems to be rising out of the earth, symbolising the birth of a new consciousness seeking to manifest. Its slow and steady progress towards completion is followed by many.”

    Here are some good photos:

  4. There is evidence that the builders of the Auroville Matrimandir did not adhere to the measurements specified by the Mother for her temple. Even the diameter of the inner chamber was changed. It’s sacred geometries and its symbolism of the new birth of consciousness are hence distorted. It is a symbol not of the new consciousness but rather of the mental consciousness and ego imposing itself on the Mother’s higher vision and consciousness. See Matrimandir Action Committee’s website for more information:

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