All in all, or a forgotten Christian teaching.

Early Christianity was a diverse and mystical religion, with varying interpretations of scripture. Origen was a Christian theologian who believed every part of creation would eventually be returned to God, even Satan. He also believed in reincarnation. Interestingly, at the Council of Nicea, Origen’s views on reincarnation lost by one vote.

“Unlike many contemporary Christian theologians who believe that god condemns most of humanity and all non-Christians to external danation, Origen maintained that the extent and power of God’s love are so great that eventually all things will be restored to him, even Satan and his legions. All men are the ‘blood brothers’ of God himself and cannot remain separated from him forever. Even those who defect must eventually be brought back, and then all things will be made subject to God and God will be, “all in all.”

At the Council of Nicea in 325, the teachings of Origen were excluded from the doctrines of the Christian Church and fifteen anathemas were proposed against Origen himself.”

“While the physical body wastes away and returns to dust, the immaterial soul is resurrected or reembodied, strengthened by the previous victories or weakened by the defeats of previous lives.”

“Ultimately, by allowing the wisdom and light of God to shine in this life through the inspiration of Jesus Christ, the individual soul will leave behind the body and regain complete reconciliation with God.”


One thought on “All in all, or a forgotten Christian teaching.

  1. Alan Watts heralded the good, life-affirming aspects of the ‘New Age’ paradigm. I note many proponents, promoters, practitioners etc. paraphrase his works, probably without awareness. Being ‘without awareness’ (of ego control obsessiveness) hinders our spiritual growth or return to God.

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