Youtube Ventures

Just wanted to share a few updates. First a little video (alas, a typo is within it) I put together for the Holons Network. If you’re not familiar with the Holons Network, it’s a collaborative video channel with the intention of exploring, integrating and dialoging about spirituality, evolution, and all around every perspective. Here’s my first contribution to it:

And this is just a little introductory video I put up on “transformation potential.”

Yes that’s me in the second video. I often don’t share my videos but perhaps I’ll get into the habit of integrating my youtube/twitter/blogging experiences!

To begin, my account is thepathlesspath. Blogging/twitter has always been at the forefront, with occasional videos posted (often lazily without editing…quick upload always). I’ve recently decided to step it up a little and participate more in this visual medium. You’ll find ramblings, readings, conversations and compilations.

More updates coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Youtube Ventures

  1. Thank you! I am very busy with school at the moment, so it might be a little while before I have the time to write a full response.

  2. Good job on the lotuses video, very inspiring. Also liked that you used “One too many mornings” by Chem Bros for the soundtrack. I do look forward to more of the same. BTW – you should install TweetMeme for RT’s but no matter – I’ll do this one manually.


  3. Awesome work brother, you are so on to it! Thank you so much for the enlightened encouragement of the flowering of our potential to express the greater being in which we live and breathe. Love and Light.

  4. @Glisten—Thanks! I’m happy you enjoyed the video. Nice to meet you, btw.
    @Obsidian Eagle—Thank you as well! Yes One Too Many Mornings… It just “stuck” and the video was born b/c of the energy in that song, so to speak. I use, so I don’t know if I can use TweetMeme? Sorry!

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