Journey into the Red Book

It’s been a fascinating journey into the depths of the mind, and moreover a reconnection with the soul. If there is one thing I can say, very early on in my journey, it is that as much as we like to speak of Witness, and Mindfulness, and Contemplation, what we begin to discover is our very own Soul, that our whole life has rested on, acted from.

You see the little ways in which your life’s journey has taken you to the edge of realization. Themes, patterns, motifs, recurrences, and even some hobbies. They are all opportunities to realize the Divine, to discover our own depths. It’s quite amazing to think of one’s life this way. It has changed me from the inside out.

It has made me wonder if this life is more like a dream, in which we have come to experience falling asleep and waking up. While I’m sure there is greater depths, this is something I’ve begun to notice about my own experience of life. Jung’s writings on the collective unconscious have only deepened the mystery.

At any rate, here is piece of the Red Book I found particularly beautiful on the theme of rediscovering one’s Soul:

“My soul… Where are you?..
Do you hear me?..
I Speak.. I call you.. Are you there?
I have Returned.
I am here again.
I have shaken the dust of all the lands from my feet,
and I have come to you.
I am with you..
After long years, of long wondering,
I have come to you, again.

Should I tell you, everything I have seen?
Experienced? or drank in?
or do you not want to hear,
about the noise of life and the world.

But one thing you must know,
the one thing I have learned,
is that one must live his life..
This life is the way,
the long sought after way,
to the unfamalable which we call divine.

There is no other way.
All other ways, are false paths.
So I found the right way,
to let it let me to you, to my soul.

I’ve returned, tempted and purified.
Do you still know me?
How long, the separation lasted.
Everything has come so different.

And how did I find you?
How strange my journey was.
What words should I use to tell you,
on what twisted path a good star has guided me to you.

Give me your hand,
My almost forgotten soul.
How long, the joy, at seeing you again.
You long disappointed soul.
Life has let me back to you.
Let us thank the life I have lived,
for all the happy, and all the sad hours,
For every joy, for every sadness.

My soul, my journey,
should continue with you..
I will wonder with you,
and ascend to my solitude..” -C.G. Jung


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