Posted in April 2010

1000 Masks

Imagine if you will a man of 1000 masks. He spends all of his days into nights playing with these masks and creating stories for each one. Whole lifetimes! There are masks of plants and their stories on the mountain tops. There are masks of animals and their stories living in the forests. There are … Continue reading


The World has a Soul, a living vitality in all of its creatures, including the human being. It is through the human being that this Soul can manifest more of itself into the world. Though we are intimately a part of this vast Spirit, we have forgotten our connection. Because of our forgetfulness, we have … Continue reading

Scientific Narratives of Human Origins

…scientific narratives of human origins are myths and, in their deep structure, are recursively involved with other religious or weird and crazy narratives of human origins that exist in the hypertext spaces of our culture. When we line them all up and read them as mythic narratives of human identity, then more complex cognitive structures … Continue reading

The Death of the Hero

More than halfway through Coming into Being, I’m having a great time discovering the multiple layers of depth within a single folk tale. As Thompson is pointing out, it is like excavating the layers of a cultural ecology that surrounds and embodies us, even to this day. In early human history, the sacred was represented … Continue reading

The Human Journey, Evolution through the Lens of Myth.

Myth and imagination often “tell more than we know.” Funny how a simple myth from ancient times continues to play out today, in the world where we thought we had finally separated ourselves from mythological thinking. There’s no need to “reject” mythology but to understand how it is an integral component to story-telling, scientific or … Continue reading