The Human Journey, Evolution through the Lens of Myth.

Myth and imagination often “tell more than we know.” Funny how a simple myth from ancient times continues to play out today, in the world where we thought we had finally separated ourselves from mythological thinking.

There’s no need to “reject” mythology but to understand how it is an integral component to story-telling, scientific or otherwise. Imagination and objective reality blur; it is the human experience.

This kind of evolutionary mythology could help revitalize meaning in a meaningless culture; one where the hero is going through the greatest trials, where humanity is going through a collective dark night of the soul. Here, where all is dead and appears devoid of spirit, is exactly where we need to be.

A reintegration with Gaia, with the masculine and feminine energies, is possible. We first must confront aspects of ourselves that we have disowned. Our struggle is to make it through this reintegration, to come full circle through the darkest and deepest aspects of ourselves. Will we triumph, in our collective eternal-return?

Eternal Return by David Boyd


2 thoughts on “The Human Journey, Evolution through the Lens of Myth.

  1. This is altogether too true and one of the reasons that I have long been a staunch advocate of Mythos (especially through my poetry). 2012 has been weighing heavy on my mind lately because so much already seems to be coming to a head. I realized also (surely through an intimate connection to the collective Nous) that if the archaic revival is real, then it means the most primitivistic cultures will resurge and their wisdom will have to be taken seriously by the entire world. Just remember for future reference, it is I who first inscribed the words: Tribal Progressive.

  2. Thank you Shamansun for posting this video, also I really enjoyed watching and listening to you on “The Medium is the Message” video.

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