1000 Masks

Imagine if you will a man of 1000 masks. He spends all of his days into nights playing with these masks and creating stories for each one. Whole lifetimes!

There are masks of plants and their stories on the mountain tops.

There are masks of animals and their stories living in the forests.

There are masks of humans and their dramatic lifetimes unfolding.

Birth and death, cycles and repeating.

This man of 1000 masks has played in this way for 1000 years, and has in this process, totally forgotten who he actually was. Ask him, and he will point to this mask or another.

Even the “sage” masks, which tell him who he is, are just another play of form until he can remember and recognize himself beyond the play. The man of 1000 masks is you. you have been masquerading in numberless forms in infinite time. 

The entire world is likened more to a dream, it is creation, each part of it a fragment of the Man.


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