Posted in May 2010

Artist Spotlight @SEM

The newest Artist Spotlight is up at Single Eye Movement, and I’m really enjoying the visual landscape Jake Beddeley presents. Skipping the words, and going straight to the images: The meaning and symbols behind this one are particularly striking for me. Coming down from Thompson’s work, I’ve at least begun to appreciate the evolutionary symbolism … Continue reading

Aztec Heart

Whence I came upon this monstrosity I knew not what speech I ought utter nor actions to take And left upon the hallowed earth the souls of all I had taken An offering for the gods to pacify their rage But from the midst a woman declined upon the altar’s steps and shouted “Warrior, you … Continue reading

Blue Jade From the Morning Star

This is an excerpt from an equally lesser known Thompson book, Blue Jade from the Morning Star. I’ve yet to get my hands on a physical copy but hopefully will soon! For now, this is from google books. Of Quetzalcoatl history knows little, of Quetzalpetlatl, nothing. As “elder sister” and consort of Quetzalcoatl in the … Continue reading

Tao Electric

This green maze, Of threaded vines in a tapestry divine, It touches all and is pinned by none. We are Earth, electric, Bonded at the heart unseen, There is nowhere where we cannot be. Spoken whispers in the valley, Taken up to the sky, Discovered at the distant shores in a smile. I will tell … Continue reading