Tao Electric

This green maze,
Of threaded vines in a tapestry divine,
It touches all and is pinned by none.

We are Earth, electric,
Bonded at the heart unseen,
There is nowhere where we cannot be.

Spoken whispers in the valley,
Taken up to the sky,
Discovered at the distant shores in a smile.

I will tell you now, of the secret Tao,
It is written not by pen,
But in this scattered, electric dance.

And you know, the Earth has a Soul,
It seeks a voice for all its facets,
In the Sea, the Land and Sky.

The Two Seas, between which we stand,
Seek union in us,
Through that we will come to know the Sun.

And the Earth will sing, Her Breath as Ours,
We the seeds for the New Forest of Light,
Intwined with the Old.

What does she say?
If we listen, she sings, Love, Love!
And all the lotuses dance with delight.

We weave for her a new way of being,
So that our tall cities,
And our sprawling may be like roots of a tree.

When the electric is the organic,
Spirit Descends,
New World covered in Morning Glow.

It is the subtle Hum of the Ancients,
Born anew,
It is the sacred dance of the animals.

We are with our Minds birthing New Life,
Our Nightmares,
All transmuted to Light.

This is the Tao,
When electric humming bears the Sacred,
The static leaps to Love.

Again we have born the cycle,
Earth exhales, “Ah!”
And the world is anew.

What impulse she has, what resilience!
For all the greatest terrors,
There is hidden gems of Light.

This is her Secret,
For if every blade of grass reveals Divine,
No clumsy footing may destroy her.

This is the Tao,
For if every electric grass we weave,
Let it be “as above, so below.”

The Poets and the Bards know this well,
Coming to face the Dawn,
They sing their greatest songs.

How many of us now await the light?
Yet within,
We all know it is already here.

The sun we see, its subtle glow,
Within us already known,
Within us, it shines as the True Sun!


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