Posted in June 2010

SEM’s new layout is online!

Check out SEM for a brand-spankin new layout. Blue has a calming feel, not to mention it is the color of the 5th chakra: expression and creative voice. Appropriate! We also have some new sections being added, including a poetic/creative submission page. Right now we have a wonderful assortment of essays and articles by the … Continue reading


What are we to do today? Trapped in the spiraling maze of mechanizations and profiteering? I have no use for such an intellect, a closed loop that is unable to see its own roots and branches, expressed as the Whole. It is I, We, It is This. It is ever-present. It is the wind and … Continue reading

Spiritual Evolution

The old reptilian brain is the snake; it is the brain of the instinctive, the unconscious, the depository of millions of years of evolution. The second brain is the limbic ring, the mammalian brain of “fight or flight,” of emotion and a highly developed olfactory sense as a way of perceiving the environment. This limbic … Continue reading

On the Most Distant Shore

There is a gentle luring tide that beckons the very rocks to resonate with the sound of life, to move all that is around them to the rudimentary forms of animation. It is this “Call,” it is a sound that we must have ears to hear, it is the “Hymn of the Universe.” Spirit lulls … Continue reading

Contemplatives in the East & the West, h…

Contemplatives in the East & the West, however, have explored the nature of the mind, consciousness, and human identity, and I believe they have illuminated dimensions of reality that remain largely unexplored in the modern world. Religion has become so hung up on doctrine, and science so materialistic, that contemplative methods of inquiry are often … Continue reading

“…There is no need of a seeking and self…

“…There is no need of a seeking and self-critical ratiocination, no logical motion step by step towards a conclusion, no mechanism of expressed or implied deductions and inferences, no building or deliberate concatenation of idea with idea in order to arrive at an ordered sum or outcome of knowledge: for this limping action of our … Continue reading

Evolving Religion, Evolving World

Integral Life has just uploaded a number of longer content videos on Vimeo. This is great, because some of the stuff gets hasn’t been seen before and it gets into more detail. Wilber asks, is Buddhism Evolving? What’s the relationship, he asks, between evolution of our reality and the dimension of reality that is beyond … Continue reading

Awakening to Origin

Not too many people are familiar with Gebser, including the integral folks who only receive his philosophy through Ken Wilber’s plotted maps and points. I’d like to take a few minutes to share with you a few poetic insights Gebser was able to share through his life’s work. For anyone totally unfamiliar with him, Gebser … Continue reading