On the Most Distant Shore

There is a gentle luring tide that beckons the very rocks to resonate with the sound of life, to move all that is around them to the rudimentary forms of animation.

It is this “Call,” it is a sound that we must have ears to hear, it is the “Hymn of the Universe.”

Spirit lulls itself to sleep, and has created for itself all infinite forms and varieties of being.

On the most distant shores, it dreams a world and invites itself to Awaken.

The very stones and oceans, the stars and the planets and galaxies;

each of these are mirrors so the Divine may see itself.

It is the “play of form,” the depths of dreaming.

No matter how far you look, there you will find it,

Playing out in the seas, dreaming life into existence

so that it may eventually discovers Who it really is.

Like the rising tide

Spirit stirs within the mountains,

It discovers itself for brief glimpses through the eyes of the many forms of life that rise on infinite worlds.

Like the rising tide

Spirit is both the moon and the water, beckoning itself towards Realization.

It calls itself out of unconscious dreaming,

So that it may be Awakened even while it imagines the world.

Watch how it moves Life in arrangement to its Heavenly Dimensions,

How it prepares the world as a Vessel for its Embodiment.

The Time and the Timeless,

The Form and the Formless,

The Alchemy of Being and Becoming.

Eventually, the Whole of the Cosmos will have so involuted itself,

So realized of its True Origins,

It will be the most radiant reflection,

The most great marriage of the seen and unseen.


4 thoughts on “On the Most Distant Shore

  1. Breathtaking poem…I love the spirituality of it. It reminds me of Conversations with God, a trilogy of books I read a while ago. The two last lines are my favourite lines. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!! šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you!! Glad you appreciated it… I haven’t read Conversations with God but I’ve heard it’s great. Do you recommend it? Thanks again!


  3. I don’t know why I didn’t say something on here before, but I will now : i love this. Really. Beautiful.

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