Posted in July 2010

80 Questions, a Spiritual Survey.

If you follow SEM on twitter or youtube, you’ll notice that we’ve launched a new collaborative project! Single Eye Movement is working with Sophia Perennis publishing. We have 80 questions that were composed by Marty Glass and Charles Upton. They’re all over the spectrum of spirituality, and you can answer as many as you like, … Continue reading

Mind & Imagination

“If Mind is more than a tight rationality locked up in an ego that is “simply located” in an information-processing brain, then all this darkness we associate with the irrational or the unconscious is simply our inability to conceive of the other dimensional extensions of Mind as the “organization of the living.” If we begin … Continue reading

Evolution, Enlightenment

Consciousness, evolution, enlightenment – these are interpenetrating and always have been. There is a dreamer of this world, who else could it be but our Self? We’ve been here, timelessly. We’ve partaken in the birth and death of countless stars before we took our part in the evolution of life on Earth. We were the … Continue reading

Desert of the Soul

Brother, sister, I feel compelled to tell you. Forgive my outburst, my emotions are at such a high. I have come to tell you of the pact we had made, long before our births in this world. How we had tucked our wings and received clubs and hammers in their stead. How we descended, stone by … Continue reading

The Mind a Flower

Our minds are born with a kind of natural intelligence, so that dreams are packed with meaning infused and intwined with symbols and images, sprouting up from the unconscious. This kind of Mind, which we all have, cannot be controlled or coaxed, limited or broken apart. When we attempt to do so, self-knowledge shrinks from … Continue reading

Patterns in time, footnotes to Cosmos & Psyche

“I gradually gained the distinct impression that in some sense everything that occurs during one alignment is implicitly present and contributing to every subsequent one, as if it were a continuing and cumulative historical development.” – Richard Tarnas I’m right about in the middle of Cosmos and Psyche. Thought I’d drop a few interesting discoveries … Continue reading

Circumnavigate the Self

There is a kind of psychic landscape which humans have been exploring for centuries. Ancient sailors that began to explore the globe, to navigate the furthest uncharted waters weren’t merely unveiling the physical world. They were also uncovering and meshing a kind of psychic thread that would be the very seedlings of a world culture. … Continue reading

Alan Watts on Science, Christianity:

“There’s a kind of a plan, and everything responds and obeys that plan. In the 18th century, Western Intellectuals began to suspect this idea. What they suspected is, whether there is a law maker, an architect of the universe… and they found out, or they reasoned, because you don’t have to suppose that there is. … Continue reading

Cosmos and Psyche

“If we have learned anything from the many disciplines that have contributed to postmodern thought, it is that what we believe to be our objective knowledge of the world is radically affected and even constituted by a complex multitude of subjective factors, most of which is altogether unconscious. Even this is not quite accurate, for … Continue reading