Circumnavigate the Self

There is a kind of psychic landscape which humans have been exploring for centuries. Ancient sailors that began to explore the globe, to navigate the furthest uncharted waters weren’t merely unveiling the physical world. They were also uncovering and meshing a kind of psychic thread that would be the very seedlings of a world culture. The nascent noosphere in its humble beginnings, like a new tree’s branches stretching out to discover sun light.

As we discovered various cultures, the Earth came to know itself. Just as we in our psychic development travel around a circle, or spiral of growth, the world at large has been undergoing an ancient process of becoming and self-knowing.

As we circumnavigate the Self, physical actions in our lives hold a double meaning, as they are psychic actions as well. The world within and without are intertwined, if only unconsciously in contemporary culture. So that physical events are also psychic events, and vice versa. The world is more like a dream, albeit a very convincing and compressed one that stands like a rock. If we listen closely, even the rocks sing a greater song and harmony.

If our physical history is also a psychic history, we can observe past events as a kind of psychic-layering and growth of the world, in the same way the first trees enveloped the Earth. Our minds are like those trees, our collective consciousness (and unconsciousness, roots and branches) envelope the world in another kind of way. Coming full circle up the spiral of the World Soul.

Teilhard believed the Soul of the World was to be redeemed. I believe this is true. But more so the world has a Soul that is being born, and we a part of that becoming. The center of a circle is the mystery, and as we traverse the manifest world, the unmanifest center is the fuel and the fire, the fear and the force of the circumference. Together, they create the Whole. The squaring of the circle, the marriage of the known and unknown. It is this dance we have always played and always will play. In the flow of time and space, the circle is a spiral of becoming, growing in intensity as it dances along the edge, round and round. Again and again the play of form returns to the center. Again and again, the center blossoms new kinds of flowering; whether it be flowers themselves or human imagination, or in the coming years, a kind of planetary noosphere.

The circle will always return to the center, we always go back to zero. The story of Earth as we come to learn, deeper and deeper, is a story of cycles and circles, patterns and seasons. It is the in-and-out-breath of the divine play as it comes to remember itself in an infinite variety of ways. Like the Earthly seasons (as above, so below), the Cosmic seasons are a dance of Cold and Hot, Forgetfulness and Remembrance. We have dipped into winter and are returning to the Summer, the return of the Sun.

The Earth heats up, not only physically but spiritually and psychically. Minds like neurons heat the globe up in their intensity, and allow for a greater Remembrance to encapsulate the world. The intensity is the Heat of the divine as the spiral, like the snake, climbs up the tree and becomes the bird. The shadows of the world are being alchemically redeemed. As the alchemist heats up the sludge, the world itself is a kind of alchemical process, the heat and intensity we feel now is a transmutation of “lead” into “gold.”

This may seem all very poetic, and I guess it is. But in poetry and myth, in dreams and symbols there are doorways back to the infinite, the unknown and eternal. As living, breathing creatures of the manifest world, we can integrate and balance ourselves by always discovering our Center. As a global civilization, I hope we can find our collective center, as we continue to integrate and grow on our circumnavigation of the World, within and without.


2 thoughts on “Circumnavigate the Self

  1. This post resonates deeply w/ all I feel and am continually learning from the earth, as I paint her living, breathing body. The spiral continues to spin us ever deeper into ourselves revealing the interconnectedness of all living beings until we realize we are all of the same breath, body and soul.

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