Desert of the Soul

Brother, sister, I feel compelled to tell you.

Forgive my outburst, my emotions are at such a high. I have come to tell you of the pact we had made, long before our births in this world. How we had tucked our wings and received clubs and hammers in their stead. How we descended, stone by stone into the culling of angels and the restitute of our heavenly balcony. We stand now in the Earth, bitter to the taste. We must fight for our place here, or else we will tumble into forgetfulness, again and again winding up in one root of a tree or a dandelion, blown in the winds of change. How can we find shelter here, where all is a storm? My soul is like the distant beacon that shines through a fog, yet with every pulse of light I feel a familiar hum in my chest. What is out there, is it in here, too? Brother, sister, take my hand and walk with me. Together we will discover our Soul, in the furthest distances and the most intimate breaths. Together we must cross the abyss of forgetting and come climb again to our cloud. The sun rests now beneath the mountain, but we will return as surely as the sun. Come again, brother, sister, let us find in this desert our Home. The bits of sand like a sleeping oasis, waiting to spring into being. Come again, brother, sister, sing the song of your heart. We have never really left that place on High, this place is the dreaming of your own Abyss. Hidden in every stone is a familiar song. Can you hear it?

Take my hand. Let us walk further in this life, carry each other into the place of remembering.


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