The Mind a Flower

Our minds are born with a kind of natural intelligence, so that dreams are packed with meaning infused and intwined with symbols and images, sprouting up from the unconscious. This kind of Mind, which we all have, cannot be controlled or coaxed, limited or broken apart.

When we attempt to do so, self-knowledge shrinks from our awareness. Our conscious mind is the discerner. Partial but important. The task of the human being is to gain balance and mindfulness, to be aware of what goes on in the depths without needing to manipulate those depths, while appreciating the ability of the mind to analyze and have discourse.

If we forget our minds are a form of psychic flowering, our consciousness a kind of garden, we fail to appreciate the Whole. But when our attention is turned back towards the garden of being, the place of flowering, without looking to pick it apart, it will naturally reveal itself to us in vision, imagination, creativity and emotion.

It is a kind of forest in there that many of us do not wish to integrate and learn about it. Yet, it is a part of us as much as our bodies give us life and animate us. Don’t we seek to know that which animates the inner and the outer? How can we be whole, come of age when we do not look at ourselves as we are? Come into the forest of your Self, there are new flowerings that are waiting to sprout that require the heat and sunlight of conscious awareness.

They seek a marriage between the two, and will bear their fruit when it comes about.


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