Mind & Imagination

“If Mind is more than a tight rationality locked up in an ego that is “simply located” in an information-processing brain, then all this darkness we associate with the irrational or the unconscious is simply our inability to conceive of the other dimensional extensions of Mind as the “organization of the living.” If we begin to appreciate that Mind is not simply located in three dimensions or four, then consciousness begins to take on a new shape, or a new topology. Mind, as Bateson proposed, extends beyond the patheways inside the body, and this larger Mind knows much and has its way of knowing and learning.

When we sense or intuit or pick up… we are still unconscious of the material, so the Imaginaiton reworks it into the imagery of our habitual “world,” and then we reprocess it once more into the socially approved rationality of our institutional world… The Imagination is, therefore, precisely this sensitivity to other dimensions of Mind.

..the Imagination is the sensitivity that constitutes the inconceivable into the perceivable; and for this stepping down of ten dimensions into three, the physical body is both membrane and metaphor.”

William Irwin Thompson, Imaginary Landscape 1989.


One thought on “Mind & Imagination

  1. as much as i love william irwin thompson i need to offer that his view in this case is too narrow because it is too western …

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