I can only sing the Notes of Delight!


Joy is the word, is the world – ah joy that is not left abandoned to its own veil of separation, a joy that unites the world in song.

We, the dreamers of this realm have forgotten we have been sleeping. And so we dreamed for endless ages. Yet now, yet now where is there to turn aside from this dreaming? In the No-Thing from which all dreaming rises and falls like the tides. I take joy in my creation, I take joy in my dreaming of Me, of my world. It is where I may yet meet you, and together we may imagine ourselves fancies and friends, for there is none other than this imagining, to great infinities. By the Love of all Loves! This is the joy at the heart of the world, and we, the participants of such a grand playing. The cosmos is but a song of songs, and we like the notes who have been played into existence.

“Ommm,” reverberates through the cosmos, followed by “Ahh!” of creation! Let us play, then, you and I who have Sang this Song. These walls, they are not cages! Only mirrors for us to discover we are the creators. Indeed, the beginning was the “word” and the “word” is a song.

I can only sing the notes of delight!


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