Posted in September 2010

Kali Yuga, Sublimity and Love:

Kali Yuga is supposed to be a “winter of the soul.” The greatest forgetting of the divine, but it is not a disintegration as we might think. Rather it is the embodiment of spirit in matter, on one end veiling, the other, uplifting, moving “matter” towards greater complexity. Imagine a swirling vortex, as it pours … Continue reading

Pacific Shift

“The world of industrial man is a world of objects separated by lines: mansions at one end, dioxin dumps at the other. But in the Pacific-Aerospace cultural ecology, the world is known to be a field of interpenetrating presences, and in the world of space one is constrained to be on more intimate terms with … Continue reading

Unus Mundi, a poem:

In deep sleep, from the realm of dreaming I step, perhaps by mis-step or fate, into the realm of light. In this place my soul turns each way and there found is a lifetime, diamonds of wisdom and pearls of worlds, echoing with the song of songs. It is the greater life of a Soul … Continue reading

Digital Hermitage

No matter how far I may roam, in the passing wind, in the dancing tree–there again I find myself suddenly home. The old religions sang of Mother Goddess, the womb of creation, from which all things are borrowed and return to. My breath is borrowed, my body the exhalation of my Soul. Here in this … Continue reading

“Like a flower in the sky”

If you can smash through a single thought, Then all deluded thinking will suddenly be stripped off. You will feel Like a flower in the sky that casts no shadows, Like a bright sun emitting boundless light, Like a limpid pond, transparent and clear. After experiencing this, There will be immeasurable feelings of light and … Continue reading

Sacred Walls

“…there is a spirit world where all the animals come from and the walls of the cave were actually meant to be a translucent membrane that you can see through into this misty spirit world where these ancient animal spirits live. When the painter is making contact with the wall using the paint, he’s dissolving … Continue reading

Sovereignty & Silence

“being sovereign wherever you are and using that place as your seat of awakening.” – Master Linji Tricycle has recently posted an excerpt from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go (2007). I haven’t read the book itself but after this I would like to. Here’s something that really stood out for me: … Continue reading